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If you are disabled and unable to work, you know what a highly stressful and emotional time this is in your life. However, you may be entitled to receive Social Security disability benefits that can help you in many ways. If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits and have been denied those benefits, you’re not alone. Over 70% of all applications are initially denied. The application process is complicated and the Social Security system is a bureaucracy that is mysterious and difficult to understand. Being denied after an initial application, however, is not the end of the process. To continue this process, you need experienced, expert legal representation.

Greeman Toomey PLLC is a Minneapolis-based law firm that practices exclusively in the field of Social Security disability law. With over 75 years of combined experience in this area of the law, our attorneys have assisted over 90,000 clients in obtaining the benefits to which they are entitled. From dealing with the bureaucracy of the Social Security Administration to representing clients in administrative hearings, our experience assures you that we will represent you competently, expertly, and thoroughly.

We offer Free Initial Consultations and No Upfront Fees or Costs. We work on Contingency Fee-Base Representation at all levels with Vigorous Representation and Clear Communication.

At Greeman Toomey PLLC, we want to help you in every way we can and help you understand Social Security Disability Benefits. If you have any questions, please call us at (612) 332-3252 or, toll-free at (877) 332-3252. Our experienced staff will be happy to answer your questions or to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys. If you have already been denied benefits after an initial application, don’t delay. You have only a limited time to take the next step. Call us right away.


I am so grateful for this moment to be able to share this.  Thank you to the staff at Greeman and Toomey Law Firm.  When I arrived here today I felt lost and so unsure but as soon as I arrived the front desk staff welcomed me, then Coco swept me up and lead me to my attorney James Greeman.  Thank you for making this uncomfortable moment for me easier and as comfortable as you could.  Thank you.

~B.K. 11/15/16


You guys stuck by me the whole time, since the first day.  You always called and kept me informed.  I really appreciate it.  I would refer your law office to anyone.

~D. M. 11/17/16


I was very impressed with James Greeman, my attorney.  He has quite the personality and is a great lawyer.  I would recommend Greeman to anyone who needs a good lawyer.

~V.H. 11/20/16


I was recommended to Greeman Toomey by a relative who was able to resolve their social security claim successfully.  My case had been declined twice while I pursued it on my own.  Today I was granted assistance due to Mr. Greeman’s help.  This comes as a tremendous relief as I will be able to move forward in concentrating on my health issues, instead of worrying about what the next strategic move was necessary to gain assistance.  I’m grateful to have received the benefit of his experience.

~J.O. 11/18/16


I came into the hearing process with a tremendous amount of anxiety and fatigue.  The disability process is not designed to support you.  It was reassuring to meet Mr. Greeman.  His confidence and knowledge put a number of years of frustration at ease.  The guy is good.  Would recommend him to others.    He knows the system and knows the language. You’re in good hands, cool dude.

~B 11/18/16


OMG!!  James Greeman is awesome.  He won my sons case.  He is a wonderful lawyer and really tries to understand the situation at hand.  I’m so grateful.  God bless you Mr. Greeman.

~TH 11/4/16


Today I had a disability hearing with James Greeman and it went very well.  I would refer him to my friends who need an attorney.  I do believe he won my case.

~S.A. 10/27/16


James Greeman was very knowledgeable of my case.  He was very professional and straight to the point.  James Greeman won my chase.  Thank you.

~T.J. 11/1/16


I would greatly recommend Greeman & Toomey if you are looking for a disability attorney.  Mr. Greeman who represented me has dedicated his career to just disability cases & he gives his all.  I was expecting to see one of his associates to come, but to my surprise it was Mr. Greeman.  He makes you feel comfortable by preparing you for what to expect from the Judge.  I felt like Mr. Greeman really cared about me and my problems.

~K.Y. 11/1/16


[My case worker] said James is about action.  James knows how to get the job done by all means necessary.  He worked very well with my sister.  I’ll remember your name to pass it along.  Great Job.  Truly appreciated.

~J.D. 10/21/16


Mr. Greeman is a very nice, cool gentleman.  I will say you can’t knock them until you meet them in person.  I’m very happy to do business with Mr. Greeman, he stayed with me the whole time.  I was very comfortable with him.  Yes I will tell my friends and family about Mr. Greeman.

~T.D. 10/21/16


As a mental health case manager, I work often with clients who are pursuing disability benefits.  My clients’ experiences with Greeman and Toomey are consistently positive and I will continue to refer clients to this firm before any other.

B.V. 10/21/16


As a housing advocate, I came to a hearing with my client.  I noticed that Mr. Greeman was very thorough and professional with my client.  I was thrilled when I heard the news that Mr. Greeman helped my client win her case!

~J.G. 10/20/16


I have had a fabulous time working with Greeman and Toomey.  They did a grand job keeping in touch and keeping me informed.  They kept it simple and did a great job,  They have been great.

~K.L. 10/20/16


My experience with Greeman and Toomey has been very positive.  They were very helpful during my case.  Everyone at this firm never made me feel like I was in this alone.

~K.E. 10/21/16


Greeman Toomey PLLC and attorney James Greeman assisted me with my Social Security Disability case.  I feel that because of their representation I was able to win my case and receive the disability payment amount that will help me provide long-term stability for me and my daughter.  James Greeman fought for me in court and took the time to get to know me and my case.  I feel that James Greeman understood my barriers and helped focus on setting a better path for my future.

~T.A.  10/19/16


I am so impressed by Mr. Greeman and his staff.  He explained everything to me regarding how the process works as well as the possibilities as to how the case would go.  He made the hearing seem easy and addressed my anxieties about the whole thing – And we won our case!.

~A.S. 10/19/16


I have a heart full of joy!  After 6 years my son finally got approved for SSI.  I have worked 2 jobs and taken out almost all of my 401k account just to keep from losing everything.  We had been to another group and lost.  James Greeman’s name had been given to me by a friend.  My son called them and finally, WOW!  Thank you, thank you.

~MH 10/18/16


Praise to God after 6 yrs I finally got the decision that we have been waiting for due to having the right attorneys, James Greeman and Patrick Toomey.  Thanks for all the hard work from you and your team.

~MH  10/18/16


I am so glad my dad suggested me to your office, you guys worked so hard and made sure you did everything for me to win my case.  I am so grateful to you guys, I could have not done it alone.  I appreciate all your help Mr. Greeman.  Thank you.

~SE 3/15/18


I feel so thankful for all you guys, the job you did for me. I got to bless you on your work and thank you so much for making this happen. Thanks for the excellent job. I recommend anybody to come to this office.

~IC 3/12/18


I highly recommend attorney James Greeman at Greeman Toomey law firm. He was very professional and caring as was his staff. They were awesome at representing me through the tangled web of applying for SSI Disability. When it came down to my hearing James did an incredible job at presenting my case, which was quite extensive, in the short amount of time that you are given, to the judge.

~CJ 3/7/2018


I thought the firm did great.  They were thorough in everything and very good in front of the judge.

~JB 2/28/18


As an RN and medical professional I would recommend Greeman and Toomey.  They were helpful and professional with helping my significant other and father of my children in his case.  He has struggled for years and with the help of Greeman and Toomey he finally is getting resolution.  Thank you Greeman and Toomey.

~MP 2/28/18


Greeman Toomey have  been my attorneys for about 5 years.  They fought very hard for my SSI and never gave up on me.  I recommend them highly.

~BD 2/27/18


Greeman Toomey did a great job on my case.  In fact, when I looked for attorneys they were the first to get back to me.

~MN 2/15/18


My experience with Mr. Greeman was very professional, understanding and empathetic to my needs and desires.  He exemplifies being well informed and exudes confidence in his approach to providing the very best council to his clients.  I felt comfortable and well represented.  Although laid back at times, he still managed to be professional and ethical through the entire process.

~JF 2/20/18


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