Senators Want Social Security Reform

It seems that the topic of Social Security reform has come up in every election cycle for the last 20 years, which is probably because it has. Although Social Security and entitlement reform remains a political hot potato, usually there is nothing done about it and it is left for another Congress or even another… Read more »

Senator Rips Into Social Security At Confirmation Hearing

The Senate Finance Committee held a hearing Feb. 4 on the nomination of Andrew Eanes to become deputy commissioner of Social Security and Sen. Orrin Hatch R-Utah, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, used the hearing as an opportunity to launch a verbal assault on Social Security employees. This was an important hearing, not because… Read more »

Disability Trust Fund Is Looking Better Too

In a previous blog post we highlighted the fact that the Social Security Old Age and Survivor’s Trust Fund looks to be in good shape for years to come and that the fund continues to take in more money than it is paying out. In political and economic terms we call this a surplus. Although… Read more »

Possible New Social Security Boss Has No Social Security Experience

Maybe the anti-establishment winds have captured the attention of President Barack Obama. The Senate Finance Committee was set to hold a hearing, Feb. 4, on President Obama’s nomination of Andrew Lamont Eanes for deputy commissioner of Social Security. This might not sound like a big deal because it’s only for deputy commissioner, but remember that… Read more »

Applying For Retirement and Disability At Same Time

Social Security’s disability and retirement programs are two different funds, but on occasion people can actually apply for both programs at the same time. For this to occur, a Social Security disability applicant must be at least 62 years of age. This is the age in which workers who have paid into Social Security sufficiently… Read more »

Disability Benefits for Wounded Warriors

For a variety of circumstances applicants may be able to receive expedited processing of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and bypass the potential wait time of up to two years that most disability applicants face if they continue to appeal medical denials on claims. Unfortunately, most people who venture into the Social Security disability… Read more »

Even Your Social Security Benefits Are Not Safe From Scammers

Last month the Social Security Administration issued a press release informing of a fraudulent e-mail “phishing” scam targeted at anyone who may be receiving Social Security benefits. A “phishing” scam is an attempt for scammers to acquire sensitive information, like usernames, passwords, credit card information or Social Security numbers by using a trustworthy entity such… Read more »

Believe It Or Not Social Security Trust Fund Is Growing

Prior to the end of 2015 we posted many blogs and witnessed many stories on the crisis of Social Security’s disability Trust Fund running out of money. Prior to the budget bill passing late last year the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Trust Fund was set to be depleted so much by the end of… Read more »

Healthcare Coverage Is Crucial To Disability Claims

We represent claimants on Social Security disability claims. Although a majority of these clients have healthcare and are able to adequately treat for the conditions that prevent them from working, there are still too many people out there who do not have health insurance and are not treating for their conditions. This is a real… Read more »

The Trump Factor

Teflon presidential candidate Donald Trump remains on top of most polls in his quest to receive the republican nomination. To date, Trump has contradicted himself and changed his stance over the years on issues, which is not a crime for political candidates, but he has also made what many consider to be derogatory comments on… Read more »