Setting The Record On Social Security Disability Myths

Constant myths are spread or half-truths are offered about the Social Security disability program through rightwing media sources and those stories are accepted as the way things are. Those who read the stories may not be aware of the bias behind the groups who produce such articles, so a lot of people believe that a… Read more »

What is a VTC hearing?

VTC stands for Video Teleconferencing and it is a different format of conducting the Social Security Disability hearing. If you received a VTC Hearing Notice, it means that the Administrative Law Judge in your case will appear on the television screen on the day of the hearing as opposed to appearing in person. In a… Read more »

The Latest With Social Security

We realize it may be a stretch for ordinary people to want to keep up with the comings and goings of the Social Security Administration, but sometimes circumstances permit where someone does want to follow the latest news regarding the agency due to a possible retirement or disability interest. This blog is an ongoing piecemeal… Read more »

New Rules Could Hurt Claimants

The Social Security Administration recently set a final version of proposed rules that it says will ensure uniformity at the hearing and Appeals Council levels during the Social Security disability process, but opponents feel these new regulations will only hurt disability claimants who seemingly are already facing a stacked deck due to high denial rates… Read more »

Filing A New Claim For Disability After Being Denied At Hearing

Being medically denied on a Social Security disability claim is all part of the process for most claimants. As a Social Security disability law office we know this all too well and try to advise clients accordingly that appealing unfavorable decisions is quite common. It’s no secret that the majority of claimants are denied at… Read more »

Social Security Prescription Drug Program

Medicare beneficiaries can qualify for extra help with their prescription drug plan costs. The extra help is estimated to be worth about $4,000 each year. If you qualify, Social Security may provide extra help to pay for the monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and co- payments related to the Medical Prescription Drug program. In order to… Read more »

Changes At The Top Coming For Social Security

Every time there is a changing of the guard in Washington D.C. and a new administration occupies the White House you can expect significant changes of leadership at government agencies. This especially takes place when the outgoing and incoming administrations are made up of different parties. Currently Carolyn Colvin is the acting Social Security commissioner…. Read more »

Disability Could Mean Discharge Of Student Loans

Anyone who has looked into the possibility of getting their student loans discharged for a variety of reasons such a bankruptcy, a job loss or an inability to pay loans back typically receive a rude awakening when they realize discharging student loans is an extremely difficult proposition. Filing for bankruptcy may get rid of your… Read more »

The Student Earned Income Exclusion For SSI

A provision related to students under the age of 22 who receive Supplemental Security Income, otherwise known as the Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE), is not widely discussed in Social Security disability circles, but it is an important factor in advising some SSI recipients the type of income they can earn compared to older adults… Read more »