Many Obstacles Exist When Contacting Social Security

Unfortunately contacting Social Security is a necessary evil in the world of Social Security disability claims. It may be logical to think that if someone applies for disability through Social Security that the agency would be readily available to handle claims, process paperwork and answer any questions for those who apply. Well, think again. There… Read more »

What is Date Last Insured?

The Date Last Insured (DLI) refers to the last quarter in which a Social Security Disability claimant met the insured status and is eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) (also known as Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB)). Why does this date matter? Think of SSDI as an insurance program, you pay into it when… Read more »

The Consequences of Trying to Hide Income

Last year an Amarillo, TX woman pled guilty in federal court to participating in a scam that allowed her brother-in-law to collect $42,000 worth of Social Security disability payments he was not eligible for because he was working. The woman, who co-owned a concrete business, hired and employed the man who was allegedly collecting fraudulent… Read more »

Can I Receive Benefits if I Live Abroad?

According to the Social Security Administration if you are a U.S. citizen, you can travel to or live in most foreign countries without impacting your Social Security benefits, but there are a few countries where they cannot send Social Security payments. These countries include: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cuba, Cambodia, Georgia, Kazakstan, Kyrgzstan, Moldova, North Korea, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine,… Read more »

Rare Lung Disease: Obliterative Bronchiolitis Explained

Obliterative Bronchiolitis is a very rare and non-reversible form of obstructive lung disease. When someone suffers from this condition a small airway in the lungs becomes compressed and narrowed by scar tissue or inflammation. In these types of cases, the disease is extremely serious and can be fatal.  Common symptoms of the condition include obstruction… Read more »

Social Security Disability Terms

The Social Security disability process can be lengthy and confusing. The Social Security Administration uses a lot of terms and definitions related to processing of disability claims, so to understand the process a little bit better, here are some terms Social Security uses and their definitions. More specifically, we are looking at the types of… Read more »

How does my living arrangement effect my SSI benefits?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are paid to disabled individuals who also have little or no financial resources. Since SSI benefits are paid based on financial need your living arrangement may impact the amount of benefits you are eligible for. The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers where you live and who pays for your food… Read more »

Critical Case Processing Designation Given to Wounded Veterans

Disabled military service members and veterans may be eligible for expedited processing of their claims. This Social Security Administration (SSA) law is outlined in HALLEX I-2-1-40 Critical Cases section. This also provides information for the SSA employees on how to process these types of claims. This special claim processing is reserved for military service members who become… Read more »

What is the Appeals Council?

The Appeals Council was established on March 1, 1940, and designed to ensure the consistency of the hearing process. Currently, the Appeals Council includes about 68 Administrative Appeals Judges, and many hundreds of supporting staff. For Social Security Disability claims, the Appeals Council serves as the final stop in the Social Security Administration’s review process…. Read more »

My Disabilities Can’t Be Seen

This day and age we know it is a dangerous proposition to attempt to label someone as disabled just by looking at them, although in some circumstances a disability is more visible than in other situations. Suppose a claimant for Social Security disability appears at an administrative hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge,… Read more »