The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a recent study on whether expanding Private Disability Insurance (PDI) benefits, through an employer, would result in savings to the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Trust Fund. Current projections indicate that SSDI will be depleted to a point where it would only be able to cover about 80 percent… Read more »

Trump Nominates Social Security Commissioner

A day after we posted a story about congressional leaders urging President Donald Trump to nominate a new commissioner of Social Security “without day,” Trump acted and nominated Andrew Saul to be the new commissioner of Social Security. Saul, of New York, is currently a partner with Saul Partners, L.P., which is identified as an… Read more »

The Top Proponent Of Cutting Social Security Is Leaving Congress

For years we have heard Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan talk about his top goal of “entitlement reform.” He was talking about it after Congress passed tax cuts in December and he was still talking about it when he announced earlier this month that he was retiring from Congress and would not see re-election. The… Read more »

The Latest With Social Security

We realize it may be a stretch for ordinary people to want to keep up with the comings and goings of the Social Security Administration, but sometimes circumstances permit where someone does want to follow the latest news regarding the agency due to a possible retirement or disability interest. This blog is an ongoing piecemeal… Read more »

Maximum Taxable Earnings Through The Years

Social Security taxes do not necessarily apply to all income earned. All self-employment income and wages that are covered by Social Security are taxed up to a certain amount, which is set by law. Since 1937 Social Security has set a maximum taxable earnings amount, which started at $3,000. Today the maximum taxable earnings amount… Read more »

Social Security To Host Disability Forum April 18

Social Security will host its ninth National Disability Forum April 18 in Washington D.C. This year’s theme is Financial Independence: Directing the Management of One’s Social Security benefits. Two different sessions are planned for the day and all Americans can access the forum via teleconference. Congress recently passed a bill that changes some of the… Read more »

Congressional Leaders Ask President To Nominate Commissioner

Congressional leaders sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to nominate a new commissioner for Social Security “without delay.” Unfortunately, Trump has pretty much ignored previous pleas to do the same, and has pretty much ignored Social Security all together since taking office about 15 months ago. The letter, signed by three Republican… Read more »

Keep Track Of What You Are Owed By Social Security

After you receive a Social Security payment you may think the hard part it over, and many times that is the case, but sometimes Social Security makes mistakes and issues the wrong payment to a beneficiary. If you receive a payment and it does not seem like the correct amount, you should check award letters… Read more »

Updated Hearing Wait Times

Social Security has posted its most recent update on the average processing time at each of its hearing offices. Despite Social Security’s efforts to reduce wait times, the average processing time is not declining. Long wait times exist at every Social Security hearing office, but some offices are doing a much better job than others…. Read more »

Prescription Drugs And Hospital Insurance

Once someone is found disabled and eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits they automatically qualify for Medicare. This government-run health insurance program provides hospital insurance and benefits for prescription drugs that physicians prescribe for certain conditions. What Is The Prescription Drug Benefit? The Prescription Drug Benefit, provides outpatient prescription drugs to the aged… Read more »