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Notice of Decision – Partially Favorable, What’s that?

Posted February 27th, 2015 in General Info SSA SSDI

There are two types of partially favorable decisions. One is for a closed period of disability. The other is for an alternative disability onset date. A closed period of disability means the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) finds that you have been disabled for only a certain period of time. You will be paid benefits for […]

When Did Social Security Disability Begin?

Posted February 26th, 2015 in General Info SSA SSDI

If history lessons have taught us anything, we should all know the impacts of the Wall Street Market crash of 1929, which led to President Theodore Roosevelt being elected and the enactment of some social and government safety nets for Americans prior to which none were available. In 1935, the Social Security Act was passed […]

What is Private Disability Insurance?

Posted February 25th, 2015 in Demystifying General Info SSA SSDI

Many times Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is confused with private disability insurance a worker receives through an employer. It is important to know that these are two programs are different entities and just because you receive payments through either a short-term or long-term private disability insurance plan, it does not guarantee you Social Security […]

Amount of Disability Applications Declining

Posted February 24th, 2015 in Demystifying Legal News SSA SSDI

We continue to hear about the increase in the number of people in America who are collecting Social Security disability benefits. The Republicans like to highlight this fact as they claim there is rampant corruption and fraud within the system and that too many people are collecting disability checks that shouldn’t be. Now we have […]

Social Security Administration takes steps to improve transparency

Posted February 23rd, 2015 in Demystifying General Info SSA SSDI

The Social Security Administration (SSA) Commissioner, Michael J. Astrue, has developed an Open Government Initiative to increase transparency, participation and collaboration in his federal agency. The program is part of broader initiative within the federal government to increase openness in the programs and operations of the various federal agencies. This effort to improve transparency started […]

What Is a Technical Denial for a Social Security Disability Claim?

Posted February 22nd, 2015 in Demystifying General Info SSA SSDI

A technical denial is issued to a claimant who does not meet the non-medical requirements for one or more of the disability benefit programs through the Social Security Administration (SSA). If you do not meet the non-medical requirements for any of the SSA benefits programs your claim will not be evaluated for a medical determination. […]

Social Security Field Offices Will Be Open An Extra Hour Most Days

Posted February 21st, 2015 in Demystifying General Info SSA SSDI

A couple of years ago Social Security reduced the number of hours its field offices were open due to budget constraints, but thanks to Congress’ approval of the fiscal year 2015 budget, the agency’s field offices will be open an extra four days a week to assist customers. Currently, all field offices are open from […]

Things To Know In A Cessation Of Benefits Case

Posted February 20th, 2015 in Demystifying General Info SSA SSDI

Social Security is not a permanent disability program and occasionally a person who was previously receiving Social Security disability benefits may receive notification from Social Security that their benefits will cease because Social Security has done a medical review and found that person is not longer disabled and entitled to benefits. This is a very […]

What Will Congress Do?

Posted February 19th, 2015 in Demystifying General Info SSA SSDI

Previously we have informed that members of Congress have been contemplating what to do about the impending shortfall to the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) trust fund which is expected to be exhausted by the end of 2016. At that time, if nothing is done to shore up the disability trust fund, disability beneficiaries can […]

The Social Security Ticket To Work Program

Posted February 18th, 2015 in Demystifying General Info SSA SSDI

The Social Security Administration wants people who receive Social Security disability benefits to know that there still remains a possibility that some of these beneficiaries can work and earn extra income. Social Security does this through promoting its Ticket to Work program. Social Security’s Ticket to Work program is a free and voluntary program that […]

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