Trump On Social Security

A new Donald Trump campaign ad claims that if Hillary Clinton becomes president that illegal immigrants would be able to collect Social Security benefits playing into Trump’s strong stance on immigration. The only problem with the ad, which is in concert with most things about Trump, is that it is untrue or at the very… Read more »

The Problem With Social Security Phone Appointments

Although it does not directly apply to Social Security, the Guardian recently posted an article written by a claims representative from the Department for Work and Pensions, an English government agency tasked with providing welfare and pension policy as well and disability benefits. This agency in Great Britain deals with a lot of the same… Read more »

Examining The SGA Question

A common question we receive as a Social Security Disability law office is whether people are still able to work on a limited basis while they are applying for and even after they are approved for Social Security disability benefits. It is not in Social Security’s best interest to try and prevent people who are… Read more »

Is Social Security Looking For Veterans As Interns?

It looks like Social Security may be soon looking into “creative” ways to solve staffing shortages and increased workloads and the “creative” way is to focus on military veterans and offer them non-paid work experience. You can read more about it on the Fronline blog from the National Council of Social Security Management Associations. It… Read more »

A Study On Social Security Litigation At The Federal Court Level

The Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS), a federal agency that makes recommendations to federal agencies recently did a study about Social Security litigation in the federal courts. Although the study was not too surprising it was disappointing in many respects. Social Security claimants have the option of appealing unfavorable Social Security decisions to… Read more »

High Poverty Rates For Those Who Receive Disability Benefits

The topic of Social Security disability benefits can be a controversial one depending on who you are talking to. For those who know the process of trying to get Social Security disability benefits, there is no doubt that nothing comes easy. For those who know little about the process there is a lot of inaccurate… Read more »

When Social Security Thinks You’re Dead, But You Are Not

As a Social Security disability law firm we realize that Social Security keeps pretty close tabs on anyone who receives or is attempting to receive Social Security benefits. Obviously Social Security does not want funds going to a deceased person because those funds could illegally be used by someone close to the person who has… Read more »

Medication Non-Compliance

What if I haven’t been taking my medications regularly? Does that affect the likelihood of being awarded benefits? The realistic answer is: maybe. Social Security Ruling 82-59 outlines the circumstances under which a failure to follow prescribed medications would be accepted as “justifiable” and would not preclude a finding of disability. Social Security finds a failure… Read more »

Those Who Have Payees Are The Payees

It can be difficult to explain Social Security’s Representative Payee program, but essentially it involves someone appointed by Social Security to manage Social Security benefits for someone Social Security determines to be incapable of managing their own benefits. Typically a payee will consist of a trusted relative or agency that is given the task of… Read more »

If Republicans Have Their Way Social Security Could Be Approaching Crisis Mode

In the world of supply and demand, employers typically do not cut budgets and staff when business increases, actually employers usually do just the opposite and hire new employees to handle customers and increased business, but Social Security looks to continue to cut budgets even though demand is increasing. Since 2010, after adding inflation, Social… Read more »