Why Do I Need Legal Help?

Why Legal Representation Is Important in Social Security Disability Cases

While making an initial application for Social Security disability benefits is something that almost anyone can do, the fact is that most claims are denied at the initial level. Your chances of obtaining benefits are greatly enhanced if you retain an experienced, qualified law firm to help you through the long, complex process. Here are some of the reasons to consider legal representation:

  • Most Initial Applications Are Denied – Over 70% of initial applications are denied by the Social Security Administration. Their rules are complex and the reasons an application may be denied are numerous and rarely clearly explained by SSA.
  • There Are Several Levels of Appeal – Each level of appeal has a time limit in which to file and the appeal must be filed correctly. Mistakes made during the appeals process can make it difficult to win your case.
  • Once A Denial Exists, Advocacy is Needed – Determining exactly why an application or appeal has been denied and making arguments for approval require expert knowledge of the reasons for denial and the correct approach to resolve any deficiency.
  • Social Security Bureaucracy is Difficult – The Social Security Administration workers have no reason to advocate for your disability benefits. Without proper legal arguments for your rights, it’s easy for each appeal to be denied.
  • You Are Entitled to Legal Representation – No prejudice against your individual case will occur if you exercise your right to have legal representation. In fact, your case will most likely receive better treatment if you have an attorney. SSA’s own statistics show that people who are represented have a greater chance of succeeding on their claim.
  • Social Security Disability Law is Complex – Like most laws, Social Security law is written in language that is very difficult for a layperson to understand. In addition, it contains precise medical definitions of disability. Only an attorney who focuses in this area of law will have the necessary skill and experience to win your case.
  • Some Cases End up In Federal Court – Civil actions in Federal District Court are not at all uncommon in Social Security disability cases. If your case reaches this level, you will want an attorney on your side who has been working on your case from the very beginning.
  • There Is No Fee Unless You Get Benefits – Since all Social Security disability attorneys work on a contingency basis, you don’t pay for their services unless they get benefits for you. All legal fees in such cases are clearly limited by law. You have every reason to take advantage of their expertise and experience.

Experience Counts!

Social Security disability law is complex and specialized. Only a law firm that focuses on this branch of the law should represent you in these cases. The more Social Security disability cases a law firm or attorney has handled, the better they are able to represent you. Some legal firms practice this type of law as a sideline to their other cases. For the typical person seeking Social Security disability benefits, choosing an experienced attorney or law firm that practices only in these cases is a wise decision.

Greeman Toomey PLLC – An Experienced Social Security Disability Law Firm

At Greeman Toomey PLLC, Social Security disability law is our only focus. We handle only Social Security disability cases. With our 20 years and more of combined experience, we have learned the techniques and procedures that result in obtaining benefits for our clients. Since Social Security disability law is complex and changes over time, our experience assures you that we are always on the leading edge of client representation in this area. We have worked on over 25,000 cases for our clients, giving us the experience necessary to handle any Social Security disability situation. If you have questions on filing an initial claim or if your initial application for benefits has been denied, please call us for a free initial consultation. If your case has merit and you choose us to represent you, we will work zealously and professionally to obtain the maximum benefits available for you.