Our Fees

How Our Fees are Determined

The Social Security Administration has very strict rules regarding fees for representing clients in Social Security disability cases. Greeman Toomey PLLC follows these rules completely and believes that the protection those rules provide for the client is very important. Attorneys who represent Social Security clients generally do so under a “contingency fee agreement.” That is, there is no fee for our services unless and until you win your case. Once a claim is approved, attorney fees generally equal 25% of any back payments the client is entitled to receive.

The Initial Consultation is Always Free

When you first contact Greeman Toomey PLLC regarding your Social Security disability case, we will arrange for an initial consultation at no charge. At that time, we will get information from you about your case and provide information to you about the services we offer and the disability process. If we accept your case and you retain us, we will discuss our plans and possible fees with you.

Our Fees Are Based on Winning Benefits for You

Our services are provided to you on a contingency basis. If we succeed in getting benefits for you, we will be paid, in most cases, a percentage of the back benefits owed to you. That percentage is limited to 25% or a maximum of $6000. If we do not succeed in getting you benefits, we do not collect a fee from you.

In a few cases, we may use a different process to set fees, as approved by the Social Security Administration. In this process, we petition the Social Security Administration for appropriate and reasonable fees, based on the time spent on your case and results earned, after the case is favorably resolved. The Social Security Administration decides what fees are reasonable and appropriate, and fees are paid accordingly.

A Fair and Equitable System

This fee process, established by the Social Security Administration, is straightforward and uncomplicated: It protects the client and keeps fees reasonable and appropriate. All law firms representing clients in Social Security disability cases are subject to the same rules, which we believe are fair to all parties.

Greeman Toomey PLLC – Leading Social Security Disability Representatives

Since all law firms representing clients in Social Security disability cases are essentially paid in the same way, it is experience, expertise, and success that matter in choosing a law firm to represent you. At Greeman Toomey PLLC, we have represented over 25,000 clients in Social Security disability cases and have over 33 years of combined experience. Our dedication to the needs and expectations of each of our clients is how we have earned our excellent reputation. We practice exclusively in the area of Social Security disability law. Contact us for a free initial consultation and we’ll help you understand your particular situation and explain how we can help you get all the benefits you deserve.