Mr. Greeman took the time to meet with us and really got to understand my case.  He summarized a massive amount of medical history into a clear presentation of my disability.  He and his staff made sure we were well informed and comfortable about the process.  It was a great comfort to know my case was in such experienced and caring hands.

~RB 2/8/18


I was very pleased with Greeman Toomey as my representative in my case.  The firm helped me prepare for the hearing taking great care in the prep work for me to be ready.  I will recommend my friends to the law firm.  This is a good law firm.

~SA 2/15/18


The law firm of Mr. James H. Greeman has done an awesome job of representation for me.  Everyone was very helpful and efficient in handling my case over the last few years!  I would recommend this firm to people that need help.

~LW 2/16/18


James Greeman was very thorough and professional.  He went through my notes efficiently and explained what we were going to do.  Best of all, he helped me get my benefits!

~EJ 2/7/18


Greeman Toomey has done a very great job!!  I really appreciate the effort they took to get my case approved.  It took 3 years and they stuck it out with me.  I am very satisfied with their work.  I will recommend anyone to get their disability with Greeman Toomey.  I greatly appreciate their support, they did more than 100%.  They did 150% and then some

~DP 2/6/18.


I would like to thank James Greeman for all his hard work and efficiency in handling my case.  I was kept informed at all times.  I wouldn’t have been able to win my case without him.

~MS 2/2/18


Greeman Toomey did a great job on my case.  In fact, when I looked for attorneys they were the first to get back to me.

~MN 2/15/18


In my mind Mr. Greeman did an exceptional job in presenting my case before the judge.

~DH 2/1/18


James Greeman was a big help for my case.  I don’t know if I would’ve won my case without the help of Greeman Toomey.  Thanks for caring.

~ST 2/6/18


Greeman and Toomey are great disability lawyers.

~JR 2/1/18


James Greeman represented my brother’s case to the fullest.  He did a real good job and I would like to thank him.

~KI  2/1/18


James Greeman handled my S.S. case, not only do I have a new hero, this remarkable man changed my outlook on life.  It almost seems magic the way he sewed my broken heart back together.  I came in alone and shaken up, I leave admirable to a true pioneer of the industry.  Thank You!

~CF 1/30/17


I am really proud of Greeman.  I was very glad that you accepted me as a client.  Everyone here was very kind to me.  I would recommend you and your staff to anyone who is looking for the perfect lawyer.  I really want to say thank you to James and his staff for taking my case on short notice and for doing a wonderful job.

~B.H 12/22/17


I was hurt at work and became disabled.  I worked with another law firm for over one and a half years and I was getting nowhere.  No calls, no mail, no answers.  I did some research and found Greeman Toomey.  I called them up and had a nice conversation.  Within a week we had stuff moving.  Court was set out for 15 months and it got moved to 3 months…  Had court and won!!  Great team to work with.

~AJ 11/30/17


I would highly recommend the expertise of the Greeman Toomey law firm.  Sometimes the process seems lengthy, but by having patience and confidence it is sure to be rewarding.  Working with James, I came to respect his deep knowledge of the law and how to stand up for those in need.  Thank you so much.

~BF 1/24/18


Mr. Greeman helped me get my disability that I have been trying to get since 2012.  Thank you, you are greatly appreciated.

~AB 1/31/18


James was really down to earth and pulls no bones.  It was a little scary at first but he really knows what he’s talking about.  He explained things in a way that was understandable.  I’d highly recommend him.

~L.W. 1/30/18


My experience with Greeman and Toomey was a pleasure and past polite and professional.  I felt confident and comfortable through the whole process.  They got the outcome I was hoping for.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

~BN 1/5/18


I went to a disability hearing today.  My attorney James H Greeman was great.  He gave a good argument for my case.  I think I made a good choice picking Greeman and Toomey for my case.

~JF (1/8/18)


I am an adoptive/foster parent of several children with various needs.  Greeman Toomey has represented my children and has done a wonderful job!  Their fine attention to the details of our cases made the difference.

~LN (1/23/18)



James Greeman hit it out of the park for me.  He took care of me.  The staff is excellent.  If you need somebody to go to bat for you pick these guys.

~BB (1/11/18)


My Brother was represented by James Greeman, he was very straight forward and great at explaining the process.  I would recommend him for support in your social security case.  It left a smile on his face.

~M.D. 1/10/18



James Greeman handled our disability case very confidently with great knowledge of the social security system and how it works.  Very professional and confident and our outcome was a win.  Thank you Mr. Greeman!

~I.T. 1/24/18


James Greeman represented my sister her disability case.  Mr. Greeman was very thorough and patient and made sure she understood exactly what and how the hearing would go.  Mr. Greeman made sure he had all the facts and information on her medical history.  We highly recommend Mr. Greeman for disability cases or any other work he may do.

~C.S. 1/25/18



Greeman Toomey was well organized and handled the paper work.  I would recommend them to anyone.

~P.R. 1/25/18



My experience with Greeman Toomey was a pleasure and past polite and professional.  I felt confident and comfortable through the whole process.  They got the outcome I was hoping for.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

~B.N. 1/5/18


James Greeman hit it pit of the park for me.  He took care of me.  The staff is excellent.  If you need somebody to go to bat for you, pick these guys.

~RB 1/11/2018



Very professional lawyer.  Really knows about your situation and comments on everything that is going on.  Has a great knowledge of everything and can help you with anything.

~BM 1/16/2018


James is a very excellent lawyer. He and his team take care of business. I am very happy with the results. He and his team fought for me. I will refer him to anyone who wants to win their case. I appreciate him and team. Thanks and good luck!

~CG 11/13/2017


I would go with Greeman Toomey because they see things through and are easy to work with. Mr. Greeman handled my case expertly and had my best interest in mind. He was a pleasure to work with along with his staff. They always got back to me in a timely manner when I had questions. I would use them again or refer them to friends and family.

~AC 11/15/2017


I am a case manager working with individuals who are mentally ill and chemically dependent. Greeman Toomey helped my client get the help they needed. They put my client’s needs ahead of his appearances and helped him through the social security disability hearing process.

~MS 11/28/2017


My wife was a client of Greeman Toomey and she won her case because of their professional expertise. I would recommend them to anybody looking for a Social Security Disability attorney.

~VZ 11/29/2017


We have had a lot of difficulty with getting the right systems into place for several years. I am so happy that the social security was approved & I was very impressed with the knowledge & experience that James Greeman provided. I believe he was the reason that the judge approved our case so quickly. Thank you!

~HS 11/29/2017


Mr. Greeman explained everything very well. He was very kind to my child. He’s very knowledgeable and professional. I would use his services again as well as recommend him to friends and family.

~IZ 11/29/2017


We thank Mr. Greeman for helping us with our SS & Disability case. Very informative and helpful with any questions or problems that arose throughout my case. Would definitely recommend to family & friends.


~JF 12/4/2017


I’d like to thank Greeman Toomey Law Firm for representing me on my SSD case. They did a wonderful job, efficient, helpful. Best choice I made having Greeman Toomey Law Firm. I will recommend your services.


~SO 12/5/2017


James is the best lawyer ever. He is very good at what he does. Thank you and your team for all you’ve done. Hugs to you and god bless.

~YN 12/6/2017


I was referred by a friend and he was correct. The whole experience was made easier by dealing with this firm. I don’t know if I could have done it in any other way. James was really a personable guy. I wish I could’ve talked to him more. It was a great experience.

~DP 12/6/2017


You guys were great! Thank you, Mr. Greeman. It was very fast and smooth.

~MN 12/7/2017


Greeman Toomey Law was very concerned for me along the way. James Greeman and his team explained the process. They are honest and caring. I would highly recommend them.

~KS 12/7/2017


James H. Greeman is a great lawyer. He did a great job in my case. He is a great mentor for young & old people. Reliable, honest, respectful lawyer. I am very happy that he was my lawyer.

~JL 12/7/2017


I am very satisfied with the way James Greeman represented my case. It was the most professional way. He went to bat for me and I feel very good about how he handled this. I wouldn’t want anybody else in my corner. Thank you James!

~TK 12/11/2017


Hi! My name is not important, but what is important is how James greeted me at the front desk; they made me feel comfortable at their office. (Thank you for that!) James H. Greeman showed me things from the case to read. James was awesome in the hearing office in explaining my case. Remarkable job

~JS 12/12/2017


Greeman Toomey was very easy to work with, very thorough and explained everything so

I could understand. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking a SS resolution for a disability.

~DJ 12/14/2017


I felt confident with my attorney. James does very well with his job and making his clients feel comfortable with the hearings. I would recommend James to anyone!


~AJ 12/18/2017


Greeman Toomey is the best! From my first contact with them and through the final outcome, my confidence in their care for me as a client as well as their desire to help me in my case only continues to grow. They gave me the guidance I needed to successfully make it through a long 22 month period of waiting; I could not recommend them more highly.

~MP 12/18/2017


My experience with James Greeman.  He is a great lawyer who helped me when I needed it the most.  They are a very successful law firm and I would recommend James to anyone that needs a disability lawyer.  They got the job done.

~M.A. (11/20/17)


The law firm of J.H.Greeman did a good job on my disability case.  They are an excellent firm and I am very pleased with my lawyer and all of his team.

~M.S. (11/14/17)


I was represented by James on behalf of my deceased Mother and he did a great job.  I would refer anybody who needs a good lawyer to the Greeman Toomey law firm.  Thanks again.

~K.H. 11/14/17


Greeman and Toomey did a great job representing me and were able to help me to get social security disability.

~J.B. 11/10/17


I have been treated fairly and honestly by the Greeman and Toomey team.  I have gotten return calls every time I have called.  They have made things as stress free as possible for me.  Today I won my case.

~D.S. 11/8/17


I would like to thank Greeman and Toomey law for handling my claim. They have worked with me and kept me in the loop the whole time. James Greeman was awesome when it came to prepare for my claim. They have always been generous and understanding, I never had a doubt in my mind they weren’t the lawyers for me. You guys are awesome, keep up the good work. 

P.S. Keep your swag up!!!!!



I had a successful journey with Greeman Toomey. I got my disability case with James Greeman. They went through all my medical records thoroughly and thoughtfully in order to understand what my claim was in order to win my case. You are a good guy.



James was very personable and highly professional. He really showed that he cared about my situation and worked hard to get the best possible outcome.  I would definitely recommend James as an honest, personable, and professional person to work with you.

~AH 9/7/2017


My experience at Greeman Toomey was a really positive and enlightening one. I felt really secure with James and he explained everything to me in layman terms so I knew exactly where I stood as far as my individual claims and the possible combination of the three claims I had filed previously being re-opened & how much S.S disability & SSI I was entitled to.  Although there are no guarantees in life, James and Patrick really stepped up to the plate for me.  Even the worst case scenario of the judge’s decision wasn’t a bad deal at all.  I’m hoping for a homerun which I have worried about my whole life. It just took its toll on me. James Greeman is in charge of the courtroom and spells it all out outside. I would defiantly recommend Greeman Toomey.

~IG 9/12/2017


I chose Greeman Toomey based simply on their advertising and reputation. I discovered through the process that Mr. Greeman is very good at what he does. His preparation for my case put me at ease for my hearing and his understanding of my medical issues won my case and took 4 years of waiting frustration off my shoulders. I highly recommend Greeman Toomey and thank them for their outstanding service.

~LR 9/13/2017


I was referred to this law firm by some friends. This law firm was very helpful to me and explained things to me in a way where I could understand what was being said. Patrick Toomey is a great attorney because he was so helpful at explaining to me what I would experience in court, which helped ease my mind, and made me less nervous about what I would be in for. I would say that he is a very caring individual. And you can tell that he really cares about his clients and their well being. I will definitely recommend him to any family and friends who are going through my same or similar situation.

~LM 9/20/2017

 My daughter was represented by James Greeman. He is very qualified and one of the best lawyers a person could have. We appreciate his help and the support we were given in my daughter’s case. He shows great concern and doesn’t let you down when it comes to standing up for what he believes is right.

~VC 9/22/2017

Thank you Greeman Toomey for the most wonderful experience. Your kindness and expertise were amazing! Your team was so prompt to get back to me with every single question. Thank you Alicia and Henry! And big thanks to both Mr. Greeman and Mr. Toomey. I will recommend you in a heartbeat.

~MS 9/22/2017


James Greeman and his staff handled my case with efficiency and professionalism. I was kept abreast of every step along the way.  I appreciated everything being typed up and in chronological order and ready for my day in court. It showed me that he knew my case forward and backward. James treated me with respect and really cared about me as a person. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of a social security disability attorney.

~T.Z. (11/22/17)


Mr. Greeman was a well know ledged lawyer. The way he represented me and my case was outstanding. He was always available and in contact if I had any questions or concerns. I would recommend him to anyone at anytime.

~MR 9/27/2017


I had a very pleasant experience the entire time dealing with the staff at Greeman Toomey. Stephanie and James are very helpful and understanding with clients. Both did an excellent job on my case

~TK 10/24/2017


I feel that Mr. Greeman did a remarkable job for me. He made sure that I understood all that was going on. I felt that he understood me and represented me wonderfully.

~DL 10/24/2017


I would highly recommend Greeman Toomey on the basis of their experience in disability law. Greeman and his team were organized and knew my case and how to prepare me for my court date. I feel confident that Greeman Toomey will be compassionate and truly care about you and your case.

~KK 10/25/2017

Two years ago my wife heard from another attorney that Greeman Toomey was the way to go. We came here for help with our social security disability benefits that we paid for and were very happy to see that she received her benefits at trial. So I thought I would use Greeman Toomey as well and low and behold I won my claim too. James Greeman was my hearing attorney and I like him a lot. He was excellent, down to earth and personable. I couldn’t have asked for better representation.

~BM 10/25/2017

It’s hard to understand the rules of Social Security, but Greeman Toomey made it look easy and got me through it.

~IM 10/27/2017


I believe that Greeman Toomey did a great job at representing me.  They fought to provide the evidence to win.  I would most likely refer them to a friend because I believe that they will do all in their power to help them win their case.  I appreciate Greeman Toomey for being there and helping me over the months to win my case.

~E.D. 11/1/17


Greeman Toomey took my case after I was let go by another attorney and we won!  I was pleased to have been represented by James.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Greeman Toomey to others in the future.

~M.O. 9/29/17


Today is the first day of the rest of my new life.  James Greeman: Most awesome lawyer in the twin cities.  James changed my life forever today.  I haven’t been this happy since the birth of my first child.  I’m crying happy tears for the first time in years.

~B.S. 9/29/17


The representation was very much appreciated.  Everyone spoke to [my client] in a manner he could understand and things were explained so that he could comprehend.  [He] was made to feel comfortable with his mental illness.

~A.S. 10/4/17


Thank to James Greeman of Greeman and Toomey for successfully handling my disability appeal.  The process can be long and intimidating but the staff at Greeman and Toomey were responsive to all of my questions.  Having an experienced disability attorney was crucial to my peace of mind during this process.

~R.B. 10/26/17


I recently hired James Greeman for an SSI claim.  I felt very confident in his handling of my case.  He was very professional and personable and would recommend Greeman and Toomey to anyone in need of help.

~ME 9/28/17


James H. Greeman did an outstanding job representing us today, and is clearly the best in the field of disability law.  Mr. Greeman is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced attorney.  I appreciate their office for being approachable, extremely confident and professional, and pushing relentlessly for the success of our filing.

~M.K. 10/4/17


I recently hired James Greeman for an SSI claim.  I felt very confident in his handling of my case.  He was very professional and personable and I would recommend Greeman Toomey to anyone in need of help.

~ME 9/27-17


I went to the Greeman Toomey law firm because a friend had recommended this firm, he won his case many years ago.  The respect I received was very supportive from day one.  Given how this turned out I would recommend this law firm to any person that is interested in winning their case.  Going in front of the judge was made easy by James Greeman.  Most times going in front of a judge I would be very nervous but I did feel comfortable.  Mr. James Greeman was honest with me and he is a respected person in the field of law.

~MB 10/5/17 


I hired Greeman Toomey to represent me on my disability case.  They were very thorough and seemed to know the ropes.  I was honored to work with them.  Very personable, friendly and professional.

~AN 10/11/17.


Thank you very much for your help.  You did a very good job representing me for my case. 

~AA 10/3/17


James Greeman represented me for my social security case.  Every time I talked to him I was comfortable.  He was very knowledgeable, very friendly and gives great advice.  I’m thankful to have him work my case.  I highly recommend him.


~JS 9/19/17


Thank you Mr. Greeman for all of your hard work on my disability case and hearing.  Everyone at Greeman Toomey was very professional and easy to work with.

~JL 9/19/17


The staff at Greeman Toomey were very helpful.  They reminded me more than once to send paper work that I had forgotten.  They never gave up on me and were always supportive!  The day of the hearing they explained everything so I understood and was not so nervous in front of the judge,  They were great!

~GF (9/6/17)


I would highly recommend Greeman and Toomey to handle your case.  They did a good job with assisting me throughout the year.  They are a thorough and professional team. 

~KDC 9/5/2017


My brother was represented by the Greeman Toomey law firm.  We were so impressed with this firm.  After 5 years of battling with my brothers disability claim, I gave them a call and just after 6 months he was at an ODAR hearing and approved on the spot to start receiving benefits.  I don’t believe we could have done it without them.  Thank you so much!

~SM 9/6/2017


James H. Greeman, attorney at law, was prompt. I was treated well, and he explained all the answers to my questions clearly. I was very happy with the results of my case.

~AM 8/25/2017


I am disabled veteran who was previously denied benefits which James Greeman took upon himself to right a wrong (in my opinion) and I was finally awarded compensation. Thank you so much for believing in me.

~HP 8/24/2017


I had a wonderful experience with the Greeman Toomey law firm. They were honest and upfront, and were very respectful to my questions. James helped me feel so much more relaxed during the hearing. I am about to have a better understanding of my disability now. I would recommend this law firm to anyone I know who needs services.

~JW 8/23/2017


Mr. Greeman was an impressive representative for my client’s disability case. He educated us on the revisions in the law and prepared our expectations for the hearing. Working with this law firm was a pleasure and a great support for my client.

~AH-P 8/23/2017


It has been a pleasure as well as a privilege to have attorney Greeman in my corner. He has a go get ‘em attitude that I not only admire but feel that it is an attitude that every attorney practicing law should have.  He’s honest, outspoken, and just a little bit nervy. Great job Mr. Greeman! Glad you were in my corner.



Working with James Greeman on my case for partial disability was very good. Everyone at the law firm was east to talk with, very thorough, and they all seemed to care about me. I was especially impressed with James Greeman when he gave me advice on my diet and what I could do to make sure that the cancer didn’t come back. He really showed a genuine concern for my health. I feel I had the best experience I could get going through the process of my case.

~DL 8/22/2017


I would like to give a big thank you to James Greeman of Greeman Toomey law firm; my journey started back in 2015 when I was denied social security for my young child. James Greeman was introduced to me by a friend who had also utilized his services, with great success. Greeman Toomey law firm understands life situations, never makes any promises, but will fight for you, for what’s right, and never take the fight into your own hands. Contact Greeman Toomey, you won’t be disappointed.

~KP 8/29/2017


James Greeman represented me at my Social Security Disability hearing. He did an outstanding job of interpreting my illness and explaining its impact on me to the presiding judge. He is very knowledgeable and has an excellent rapport with the Social Security personnel.

~DH 8/15/2017


I would recommend Greeman Toomey again and to anybody who needs good lawyers for this purpose. Mr. Greeman fought hard and made sure that everything was right and helpful to the case. Great lawyers are appreciated; thanks for everything, you’re one of the most caring, down to earth lawyers anyone could ask for. Thanks for your hard work & job well done.

~CA 8/7/2017


I am very impressed with the work the James H. Greeman and the entire team at the law firm did on behalf of my son. It was very business-like and straight to the point on what to expect at the hearing. Thanks a lot for the good work!

~ LL (7/25/2017)  

When Mr. Greeman came to meet with me at my house, I immediately felt comfortable and reassured. He balances his strong professionalism with a good deal of compassion and empathy. I am very grateful for the hard work of the Greeman Toomey law firm.

~ MS (7/25/2017)

James H. Greeman is an exquisite lawyer. I pointed out my exasperation to him, but he kept me level-headed and helped me stay on track. He told me “Stay patient, my friend. Keep going to treatment and let your doctors speak for you; we will be victorious.”

~KD (7/12/2017)   

James H. Greeman represented me better than I could’ve dreamed! He and his staff removed all of my stress and took care of everything! Mr. Greeman has a brilliant legal mind. My accident changed my life forever, but James’ abilities have set things right. Social Security Disability laws had me so overwhelmed, I almost gave up. I’m so glad I called Greeman Toomey.

~KK (7/12/2017)

“This is my testimonial on Greeman Toomey’s performance on my case. It was done efficiently and was treated fairly. I have a disability, and I conversed with Social Security and they informed me that I would be treated equitably. And I was. Thank you for all of your care and dedication on my case.”

~BM (7/11/2017)


“In 2009 I was denied Social Security Disability.  I searched online for a lawyer and when I came across Greeman Toomey I stopped and did my research on the firm and went with my gut feeling and chose James Greeman.  He is an amazing, straight forward attorney.  He did not give up fighting with and for me.  You’re the Best.”

~S.W.  (7/31/17)

“Working with Mr. Greeman on my sons case has been a great experience.  He listened and answered any questions I had.  I would highly recommend Greeman Toomey.  Thank you for everything.”

~N.P. (7/26/17)

“I am very thankful for the help from James H Greeman. I didn’t believe I would win my case but we did and he gave me some great advice. Thank you for such a good job.”

~M.J. (4/6/17)

“I was represented by James H. Greeman. In my social security case I was very pleased with the outcome. He kept in touch throughout the whole case. If I had any questions about my case would recommend him without question. Thank you so much.

~P.S. (4/16/17)

“As a client of James Greeman, my life was changed. Three years ago I was diagnosed with a dreadful, career ending disease. During my case, Mr. Greeman fought for me and not only helped me receive the social security disability for which I was entitled, he negotiated a life altering amount of back pay, which helped our family stay in our home and continue to provide for ourselves. When, or if, you are faced with an occupational or physical crisis, your best ally is just a phone call away! “

~R.B. (4/18/17)

” I am appreciative and grateful for my attorney James Greeman and the service I got from his team during my case. I felt respected and I got prompt service from the receptionist to himself. I will one hundred percent recommend anyone that has a case to contact James. For the last two years, I had no problem from anyone of his team members. They were compassionate and showed understanding and decency. “


“The work that James Greeman preformed for me was amazing. I was supported and they listened to me. Mr. Greeman made it a point to stand by my side. I would highly recommend him.”


I was in bad shape and in a great deal of pain. A friend told me to contact James Greeman. I was denied SSI twice and James Greeman took my case. He took charge and eased my mind. I knew the moment I met Mr. Greeman that he was on my side. I am very pleased with the way he handled my case. I would recommend him to all my family and friends.

~W.H. (4/5/17)

“I am a mental health case manager and was involved in a SSI hearing for a client of mine who was represented by James Greeman. I do not think my client would have been as successful in her participation without Mr. Greeman’s assistance. He was frank and respectfully challenged her which helped her better advocate for herself.  He was able to advocate for my client and her needs while recognizing the impact her symptoms have on her presentation. It was a very successful representation and will encourage my client to seek help in the future. “


“When my son was in grade school, I applied for social security disability. My son was on an IEP, yet, he was suspended from school several times a week. Due to his behaviors, I was unable to find daycare to keep him while I worked. We were denied. My son’s symptoms continued well into adulthood. As a mother, you have dreams for your children becoming independent and successful. No matter how hard we tried, no matter how much support (emotional and physical) we were not successful. My son spoke with a doctor that recommended that we reapply for SSD. For over four years, we were denied. One day, I looked up SSD lawyers. The Greeman Toomey law firm immediately called me back. I was told to get verification of disability; a doctor to say that my son could not work. I already had these forms. But, now I had someone to listen, understand, and work me through the process. Greeman Toomey & staff kept me updated by mail. Always returned my calls within 24 hours, and listened to me vent and complain about my son’s behavior (even though it had nothing to do with their job.)

With Greeman Toomey involved, my son won his case. Post hearing, Mr.Greeman meet with us and provided more information regarding support services that are available. I am thankful for their services. As a mother and Psych Registered Nurse, I know that we would not have been successful without them. “


“I write this testimony as appreciation for James Greeman who represented me in my disability claim case.  He is a talented and loyal attorney.  I recommend him to others who might have a similar case.  Thanks you sir for a good job.”

~M.U.  3/30/17

“I would recommend James Greeman, he helped my husband with his denial of SS benefits and after his passing away James continued on his case and helping me to sort through all of the mess and winning the case to help secure my children’s future.”


“I am very happy with the job the Greeman Toomey law firm did for my daughter.”

~T.R. 4/27/17

“I would like to say thank you to the staff at Greeman and Toomey.  I have been dealing with Social Security for a long time but today my attorney James Greeman went in and kicked a**.  I am really impressed with him knowing and understanding my case.  James is very straight forward and to the point and I like that.  Thank you Coco for all your efforts.  The kick a** team.  Coco and Mr. James Greeman.  Thank you.”


“The most I like about the services is the constant contact and that they do their job with honesty.  They explain the situation to me and return my phone calls promptly.  They always keep calling and remind me of the hearing multiple times of what to bring, where to go and what time I should be at the hearing.  The staff is kind, nice and helpful.”

~IH (5/12/2017)

“I am so happy Greeman Toomey got my case 4 or 5 years ago they contacted me frequently, kept me updated and Mr. James Greeman was nice, through, and most of all funny and reassuring. He made it easy for me to relax and I am so happy I chose them to represent me. I truly am happy Mr. Greeman was there. He seems to be a wonderful person and also a great lawyer. Thanks Mr., Greeman I want to thank you again. “

~JF (3/10/2017)

“James Greeman is a tremendous lawyer and excellent. Talk to James Greeman he’s the best lawyer ever.”

~PC (3/10/2017)

“The legal team and Greeman Toomey is very good attorneys. I felt like they were working for just for me on my case and I recommend them to anybody that has a case if you want somebody to fight for your rights for you cause you can’t.”

~JB (3/07/2017)

“James Greeman represented me during my appeal hearing & has provided me with the game changer & the help that I have needed for so long. Without his hard work and support I believe that I would not have the courts rule in my favor. I am and will be forever grateful.”

~LG (2/23/2017)

“I am so pleased with the way James Greeman and his partners handled my case. James is very knowledgeable and was able to help me understand in plain terms what should be expected and how things should go. All of the staff was friendly and personable. I will certainly recommend his services to my family and friends.”

~Barbara (1/12/2017)

“I am a county medical health case manager. My client worked with Greeman Toomey law firm to attempt to get her social security benefits. We met with a Greeman Toomey representative on 1-11-17. The hearing was successful and the representative was knowledgeable regarding social security issues and was informative and professional with my client and myself, as well.”

~A.F (1/11/2017)

“We couldn’t have been in better hands! Greeman Toomey PLLC was very knowledgeable and efficient. On the day of our hearing, we were greeted with respect. Our lawyer was excellent & experienced. Very pleased!! Great tem to work with”

~B (2/16/2017)

“My experience with Greeman Toomey was good at the end. The beginning I had doubts bu in the end it turned out alright.”

~R.M.W (2/16/2017)

“Greeman Toomey law firm made the social security process simple and worry free. They handled everything professionally and quickly.”

~M.E. (2/13/2017)

“Am writing this letter to whomever. Greeman Toomey law firm is the best and deserve every dime they earn and I will be telling others about it.”

~P.B (2/09/2017)

“You guys did a great job. You worked very hard and stayed on top of stuff. If anyone needs a lawyer I would recommend Greeman Toomey. The staff is very helpful and nice. Awesome job.”

~S.M (2/09/2017)

“I have had the privilege of working with Greeman Toomey law firm in regards to my disability claim. The interactions with Alicia, Rebecca and Coral and Mr. Greeman were very positive and I felt confident from the very beginning of filing my case that I was in good hands! Many thanks to the Greeman Toomey law firm for all the hard work they did on my behalf!”

~ A.Z (2/07/2017)

“This law firm has done a lot to help me and I really love the job that they did. I will recommend anyoneI know to come to this law firm for their SSI needs.”

~C.E (2/07/2017)

“The law firm Greeman Toomey handled my case. After being refused twice on my own, I contacted then after seeing their commercial on TV. They were amazing to work with and handled everything right to the judgment which was favorable for us. Thank you James Greeman.”

~K.K (2/02/2017)

“I contacted Greeman Toomey to pursue a disability claim for my sister. Beginning with the initial phone call, I was always treated with respect. Everyone I has contact with was professional and were diligent in helping me with all aspect of the case. All phone calls and questions were promptly answered. I would not hesitate to recommend Greeman Toomey. “

~T.B (2/01/2017)

“James Greeman is a bad ass lawyer. He was succinct, honest, caring and knowledgeable. A rarity in the legal systems.”


“It’s taken me 12 years to finally get Social Security. Greeman has taken that burden off my shoulders for me so I can finally stop worrying and start healing.”


“I was referred to Greeman Toomey. They were with me through the entire process- they are very professional and know their business. I would highly recommend them to others. “


“James Greeman was a very knowledgeable and helpful lawyer. He did a great job making sure all of my medical history was reviewed and went out of his way to make sure my interests were represented. I couldn’t have asked for a better representative.”

~A.B (01/25/2017)

“My experience with Greeman Toomey was very pleasant. They were experienced and offer a cozy and understandable sense of security when it comes to my needs, and the needs for other clients. Thank you for representing me and I would recommend them to anyone.”

~K (1/25/2017)

“I’m a social worker who works with people struggling with severe and persistent mental illnesses. Many of my clients are unable to obtain or maintain employment, leaving them to be unable to afford their basic needs. Greeman Toomey understood the need for my client to receive Social Security benefits and was very helpful and supportive in getting her the benefits needed.”


“I hired Greeman Toomey to represent me with help to fight for my SS benefits. They gathered all the necessary records from different hospitals and clinics that I wasn’t able to get. I tried to file for benefits on my own, but was denied twice. James Greeman represented me well with the judge and questions he asked and information about me that he was able to obtain. No decision was made on my case today. “

~P.C. (1/24/2017)

“They took my case when [a national law firm] wouldn’t. At first I felt worried and confused as you would with any lawyer. But, they know how to explain things in a way that you can understand. They care, and most don’t. This is the second time I used their law firm and I would recommend them again in the future. I would highly recommend them and yes, you don’t have to worry about the stuff. They do it for you. You have enough to worry about.”

~S.A.  (2/20/17)

“Coming today I was very nervous, afraid and frustrated. We were right away put at ease with the outgoing straight forward traits that James Greeman showed us. He was very to the point, helpful, kind, and REAL. We greatly respected this and appreciated it. A great sigh of relief was given to us with a ”You’re okay! You won!””


“My experience with Greeman Toomey law firm was really great! They kept it real. No BS. They kept in contact with me and mailed me documents. So give them a try.”

~E.J (1/18/2017)

“I called around and tried to find someone to represent my son and they all sounded the same and didn’t make me feel comfortable, or that I was my own person. When I called Greeman Toomey, they handled my situation like they have never heard it before. James made sure his team gave me reminder calls, and made sure I didn’t have to worry about any paper work, they took care of everything.”


“Filing for disability is a long, difficult process for me. Greeman Toomey not only won my case with a fully favorable decision, but did a great job at supporting me along the way. They took everything casual for me from the very beginning. They filed my initial applications, got all my records, filed my appeals and were fully prepared for my eventual hearing. I would highly recommend them.”

~ C.J (3/10/17)

“I used James Greeman for my Social Security disability hearing and I was pleased how well he and his office did.  They were really great.”

~P.H. (2/18/17)

“I had a chance to work with James Greeman and I am definitely impressed by his aggression to fight for me.  I will recommend him to any and everyone I know needing help.”

~J.D. (1/12/17)

” I am a case manager working in our community with some of our most vulnerable and valuable individuals struggling with various life-changing and difficult circumstances.  I have had the opportunity to work with James Greeman who represented my client during her appeals.  I have been beyond impressed with his outstanding legal knowledge and ability to communicate with my client in a manner that she was able to understand.  Mr. Greeman was able to obtain a favorable decision for my client who has been attempting to obtain benefits for years.  I would highly recommend Mr. Greeman with future clients as well as personal relationships, knowledge, compassion, and hard work is what a potential client can look forward to.”

~A.A. (2/20/17)

“I am so pleased with the way James Greeman and his partners handled my case.  James is very knowledgeable and was able to help me understand in “plain terms” what I should expect and how things should go.  All the staff are friendly and personable.  I will certainly recommend his services to my family and friends.”

~B (1/12/17)

“My experience with Greeman Toomey was a good one.  They kept in touch with me letting me know where my case was going.  On the day of the hearing they were very personable.”

~S.S. (1/11/17)

“Greeman Toomey came through for me when I thought there was nothing more to be done.  They were courteous and pleasant and their professionalism was beyond measure.  Whenever I had a question they would return my calls promptly and efficiently.  I would most highly recommend them.”

~D.L.  (1/5/17)

“I hired Greeman Toomey Law Firm to assist me in my disability case.  I have experienced very positive feedback when I would call with questions I had concerning my case.  I was well informed and James Greeman helped to make the process more comfortable.  If I had to do it over I would hire Greeman Toomey again.”

~S.H. (1/5/17)

“I would greatly recommend Greeman Toomey. My son was represented by Greeman Toomey. When I was ready to give up they kept on pushing and never gave up. James Greeman was very professional and knowledgeable and won my son’s case. Thank you.”

 ~MO (12/14/16)

” I would highly recommend Greeman Toomey for handing your disability case.  Nice, nurtured, well educated, straight to the point and very committed to my case and also me as a person. I couldn’t have gotten anyone better.”

~ TT( 12/13/16)

“Greeman Toomey is a great law firm to work with. I have suffered with my illness since I was 15 and they helped me through the process of my case. They answered all of my questions. Thank you Greeman Toomey for all of your assistance. I won my case and I appreciate all of your help.”

~MK (12-12-2016)

“4 years battle, Greeman Toomey worked hard for me. I’d recommend them to friends and family, they saved my life!!!!”

~AK (12-12-16) 

“Working with Greeman Toomey was the best decision of my life. I searched through many attorneys before choosing Greeman Toomey. The law firm kept me updated at every point and both Patrick Toomey And James Greeman greeted me, held my hand and brought me through the process successfully. James Greeman and Patrick Toomey are the best!”

~LE (12-02-2016)

“Mr. Greeman and his staff were extremely knowledgeable. They were always available to answer my questions and concerns, very professional and made the process easy to understand. They were very prepared and left social security no way to deny my case. I am very happy with Greeman Toomey.”


“I was represented by James Greeman for my claim and he was Very, very good and precise with everything and I am very satisfied.”

~DM (12-1-2016)

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around the events that just took place. Attorney James Greeman represented me at my SSDI hearing and he did an awesome job at presenting my case. I have been fighting for my SSDI benefits since 2007, with other legal representations to no avail. Switching to Greeman Toomey PLLC was nothing short of divine providence. Attorney Greeman is confident that I won my case. I am experiencing shock and awe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

~BM (11-12-16)

“I am a Somali mother of an autistic young boy. I wanted to sincerely thank Greeman Toomey for their wonderful, professional services they provided me with on my son’s SSI case. From the very beginning with Greeman Toomey my case was handled with great precision, prompt and professionalism. They handled my entire needs as a client, and showed to be very detail oriented while dealing with my case. On a personal level, Greeman Toomey showed to be very friendly and easy to work with. They put the focus on the client and did not make us feel that we are just a case number. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs to navigate the complexity of the SSI system.”

~HH (11-28-2016)

“I am the parent of a client of James Greeman and we felt supported and understood.  Despite all the complexities and challenges with where my son lives, Greeman Toomey was able to navigate the process of applying for disability. We appreciate Mr. Greeman’s deep knowledge of how this process works and was comforted on the day my son attended court. We have tried to navigate this system on our own and failed. Without his careful work we would not have succeeded.”

~SE (11-28-2016)

 “While waiting for the date for my nephew’s social security disability hearing, things started to break apart with the representing team. We then asked Greeman Toomey to take a look at our case and consider representing us. Well, it turned out to be a great experience to have James Greeman to fight the case. They were able to discover information that we had that could be used for the case; also their office kept us updated and made us feel comfortable. This has been a long fight, but thanks to Greeman Toomey, it’s over.”

~D.R. (11-30-2016)

“I am writing for anyone willing to listen that James Greeman of Greeman Toomey has just had just won my case.  I recommend him and his firm for your social security disability legal needs. After going through the process with them,  I was very confident in their ability to handle and win my case. It’s been a long process from start to finish. I thank you for your time and effort that was put into helping me win this fight.”

~R.R .

“I chose the Greeman Toomey Law firm to represent me in my disability case because my husband had used them previously and they won his case. They won my case also with a professional and prompt manner.”

~G.F. (12-16-2016) 

  “James Greeman and his team were amazing at helping me.  I suffered for years trying to get through daily life.  I had medical records that were instrumental and their team was able to thoroughly go through all of my files and put everything together.  They were so kind and patient in helping me gather necessary files needed for our case.   When it came time to talk to the judge and others, James was extraordinarily prepared and filled in the gaps in my testimony and debunked the other party’s allegations.  Mr. Greeman went far above anything I would have ever expected.  I am extremely grateful for Mr. Greeman and his team.”

~J.R. (11/16/16)

“I am so grateful for this moment to be able to share this.  Thank you to the staff at Greeman and Toomey Law Firm.  When I arrived here today I felt lost and so unsure but as soon as I arrived the front desk staff welcomed me, then Coco swept me up and lead me to my attorney James Greeman.  Thank you for making this uncomfortable moment for me easier and as comfortable as you could.  Thank you.”

~B.K. (11/15/16)

“You guys stuck by me the whole time, since the first day.  You always called and kept me informed.  I really appreciate it.  I would refer your law office to anyone.”

~D. M. (11/17/16)

“I was very impressed with James Greeman, my attorney.  He has quite the personality and is a great lawyer.  I would recommend Greeman to anyone who needs a good lawyer.”

~V.H. (11/20/16)

“I was recommended to Greeman Toomey by a relative who was able to resolve their social security claim successfully.  My case had been declined twice while I pursued it on my own.  Today I was granted assistance due to Mr. Greeman’s help.  This comes as a tremendous relief as I will be able to move forward in concentrating on my health issues, instead of worrying about what the next strategic move was necessary to gain assistance.  I’m grateful to have received the benefit of his experience.”

~J.O. (11/18/16)

“I came into the hearing process with a tremendous amount of anxiety and fatigue.  The disability process is not designed to support you.  It was reassuring to meet Mr. Greeman.  His confidence and knowledge put a number of years of frustration at ease.  The guy is good.  Would recommend him to others.    He knows the system and knows the language. You’re in good hands, cool dude.”

~B (11/18/16)

“OMG!!  James Greeman is awesome.  He won my sons case.  He is a wonderful lawyer and really tries to understand the situation at hand.  I’m so grateful.  God bless you Mr. Greeman.”

~TH (11/4/16)

“James was an ‘Awesome’ attorney.  I would recommend him to other people.”


“Today I had a disability hearing with James Greeman and it went very well.  I would refer him to my friends who need an attorney.  I do believe he won my case.”

~S.A. (10/27/16)

“James Greeman was very knowledgeable of my case.  He was very professional and straight to the point.  James Greeman won my chase.  Thank you.”

~T.J. (11/1/16)

“I would greatly recommend Greeman & Toomey if you are looking for a disability attorney.  Mr. Greeman who represented me has dedicated his career to just disability cases & he gives his all.  I was expecting to see one of his associates to come, but to my surprise it was Mr. Greeman.  He makes you feel comfortable by preparing you for what to expect from the Judge.  I felt like Mr. Greeman really cared about me and my problems.”

~K.Y. (11/1/16)

“[My case worker] said James is about action.  James knows how to get the job done by all means necessary.  He worked very well with my sister.  I’ll remember your name to pass it along.  Great Job.  Truly appreciated.”

~J.D. (10/21/16)

“Mr. Greeman is a very nice, cool gentleman.  I will say you can’t knock them until you meet them in person.  I’m very happy to do business with Mr. Greeman, he stayed with me the whole time.  I was very comfortable with him.  Yes I will tell my friends and family about Mr. Greeman.”

~T.D. (10/21/16)

“As a mental health case manager, I work often with clients who are pursuing disability benefits.  My clients’ experiences with Greeman and Toomey are consistently positive and I will continue to refer clients to this firm before any other.

B.V. (10/21/16)

“As a housing advocate, I came to a hearing with my client.  I noticed that Mr. Greeman was very thorough and professional with my client.  I was thrilled when I heard the news that Mr. Greeman helped my client win her case!”

~J.G. (10/20/16)

“I have had a fabulous time working with Greeman and Toomey.  They did a grand job keeping in touch and keeping me informed.  They kept it simple and did a great job,  They have been great.”

~K.L. (10/20/16)

“My experience with Greeman and Toomey has been very positive.  They were very helpful during my case.  Everyone at this firm never made me feel like I was in this alone.”

~K.E. (10/21/16)

“Greeman Toomey PLLC and attorney James Greeman assisted my client with her Social Security Disability case.  As a result of their representation my client was able to win her case and now has the financial resources to take care of her needs and her daughter.  James Greeman took the time to prepare for the case and fought for my client.  James Greeman also took the time to get to know my client and her case.  I would recommend their services to others seeking help with their own social security case.”


“Greeman Toomey PLLC and attorney James Greeman assisted me with my Social Security Disability case.  I feel that because of their representation I was able to win my case and receive the disability payment amount that will help me provide long-term stability for me and my daughter.  James Greeman fought for me in court and took the time to get to know me and my case.  I feel that James Greeman understood my barriers and helped focus on setting a better path for my future.”

~T.A.  (10/19/16)

“I am so impressed by Mr. Greeman and his staff.  He explained everything to me regarding how the process works as well as the possibilities as to how the case would go.  He made the hearing seem easy and addressed my anxieties about the whole thing – And we won our case!.”

~A.S. (10/19/16)

“I have a heart full of joy!  After 6 years my son finally got approved for SSI.  I have worked 2 jobs and taken out almost all of my 401k account just to keep from losing everything.  We had been to another group and lost.  James Greeman’s name had been given to me by a friend.  My son called them and finally, WOW!  Thank you, thank you.”

~MH (10/18/16)=

“Praise to God after 6 yrs I finally got the decision that we have been waiting for due to having the right attorneys, James Greeman and Patrick Toomey.  Thanks for all the hard work from you and your team.”

~MH  (10/18/16)

“I’m extremely grateful and encouraged by how in depth my attorney James Greeman and his office looked into my complex and previously denied case.  They helped me not only win my case, but feel cared about and educated me on things my doctor should have done.  They did all this in the most respectable and genuine professional way I have experienced.”


“I’m so happy that Greeman Toomey helped me with my case.  They gave me the best help.  The best attorney, James H. Greeman, was with me all the way, by my side through the end.  No one else but Greeman Toomey for me.  Thanks James H. Greeman.”


“I didn’t know anything about this law firm but a friend of mine recommended me to give them a call.  When I called they took my info over the phone.  A few days later Mr. Greeman visited my home.  I want to say they exceeded my expectations of what a lawyer can do for you.  Everything went so smooth and good.  It was a totally good experience for me and my son.  I will go as far to say he was God sent.  We won our case.”


“I felt like I needed help, especially from a lawyer.  James Greeman, from the moment I met him to the moment he told me we won our case, was authentic and real.  He has been able to see things from a strong legal standpoint and also help with the parts I don’t want to look at.  Because of him and his team, I may now have a life that I can help raise my son.  Thank you!  I appreciate all your help.”


“As a mental health case manager I work with individuals diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness.  The process of applying for and appealing decisions related to disability is often very stressful and complicated.  Greeman and Toomey PLLC have worked closely with both myself and my clients to make this process less complicated.  They take a person-centered approach to their practice which is always greatly appreciated.”


“The attorneys at Greeman Toomey law firm were very helpful with disability case.  I struggled so hard to get the ball rolling with my case but when they stepped in and helped everything went smooth.  They made sure I got the beast outcome, which I did.  If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have won my case.  I’m very grateful for them.  I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a lawyer.”


“I would like to thank Greeman Toomey PLLC for assisting me with my case.  They were hardworking, confident, and kept in contact with me through the entire process of getting my Social Security Disability.  I would highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance.”


“I hired Greeman Toomey to handle my claim for disability.  They were so helpful in answering all my questions and helping me get a settlement in my case.  I feel very indebted to Mr. Greeman and his firm for helping me change my life.”


“I am very satisfied with the job my lawyer James Greeman did for me.  I would recommend him to anybody that has had problems with their case.  I can’t thank him enough.”


“I’m super impressed by James Greeman.  He went above and beyond my expectations.  110%.  I recommend him to anybody that is struggling with any disability.”


“I’m so grateful for this firm. I don’t know where I would be right now if it wasn’t for Greeman and Toomey. My lawyer, Mr. Greeman, was awesome. He really helped me understand what was being asked. I feel that everyone should work with Greeman and Toomey. They are the best.”


“Painless is the easiest way to describe my experience with the Greeman Toomey law firm. After being sick for so long, it was comforting to be told “I believe you” and “I will help.” They made the whole process from beginning to end much easier than I ever expected.  They are truly professional and in my opinion the best there is.”


“Mr. James Greeman helped me win about 2 years ago.  He helped me win a very large amount, 28,000+ in back pay alone.  I wouldn’t send anyone to any other lawyer than James Greeman of Greeman and Toomey law firm, they are the best lawyers for disability anywhere.”


“James H. Greeman has given me the pleasure to help me win my disability case. It would have been very difficult without him.”


“I am a Client of Greeman Toomey. I have had a great experience with this firm. The Staff is very thoughtful, positive and they actually care.  I appreciate all of their help. They got my social security approved!!  I am thrilled that I chose Greeman Toomey.  All of my needs were met. They also always take time to explain everything very carefully and politely in a timely manner. Thank you Greeman Toomey. I am referring all of my friends and family to you.”


“My experience with Greeman Toomey was excellent. They are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and supportive. My calls were always returned in a timely manner and my questions and concerns were always addressed and explained in a way that made sense. They were always professional and courteous, but more importantly, they actually cared about my condition and treated me with compassion at all times.  I’m extremely glad I chose Greeman Toomey.”


“I am writing to inform you that my minor child was represented by the Greeman Toomey Law Firm and I must say that I am beyond pleased with the representation we received.  My attorney was very knowledgeable about my case.  He went out of his way to ensure that my child was represented with the best care ever.  I was well informed while my case was being handled by the best law firm ever.  I have and always will promote the Greeman Toomey Law Firm to all of my friends and family.  My attorney James is the best at what he does and I am a very happy and pleased client.”      

~Ondrea W.

“I am writing to say that I love James’ work.  He is an awesome attorney and gets the job done.  I will definitely recommend him and his law firm to anyone that needs help.  And I will be using his services in the near future to help me with my case that I have pending.”    

 ~Shawntell A.

“What I really like about James Greeman’s Law Firm was the amount of time they took to work on my case, as well as make me feel comfortable.  They also work well with disabilities and really helped put things in black and white for me to understand.” 

~Mandi M.

“My fiance Mandi had the Greeman Toomey Law Firm work on her 2nd disability claim, this time it was done correctly and went as smoothly as possible.  Everything was explained and everyone had every aspect of Mandi’s case together and ready for her hearing.  James Greeman represented Mandi in the hearing and Mandi was very happy.  If you need someone to assist with a disability claim, Greeman Toomey is the place to call.”     

~John N.

“I would recommend Greeman and Toomey because they fight for what you need for your disabilities. They will find a way to help you out on your case. They won my case.”    


“The Greeman and Toomey law firm has been very good to me.  They’re very professional and extremely nice.  Without them I would not have won my case.  I am a happy woman today.”


“Thank you most kindly for representing my daughter. I was very impressed with your compassion and honesty regarding her struggles, and for the challenges we face as parents. I can see it is truly a mission for you. Thank you again.”


“When I first was applying for disability I was scared and confused.  Luckily I found Greeman and Toomey on the internet.  They helped me from step-one and the work load was finally manageable for me.  I found success during this whole complicated process with them.  I am so glad I chose them in the first place.”